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Cycle Lab - 2022 Scott Spark 910 Carbon Dual Shock Mountain Bike

Original price $8,434.99 - Original price $8,434.99
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$8,434.99 - $8,434.99
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The 2022 Scott Spark 910 Carbon Dual Shock Mountain Bike is designed from scratch with the firm guiding hand of Nino Schurter once again steering the design. The bike features a first with its integrated rear shock. It is designed to dominate the XCO (Cross-country Olympics) circuit. The rear shock is integrated into the seat tube, completely hiding it. This prevents lateral movements or movements against the direction of travel. But it also improves the bike's overall handling by making it possible to build a much stiffer swingarm that transfers power more directly and by placing the centre of gravity as close to the ground as possible. The pivot point bearings in the seat tube are now larger to contribute to the stiffness of the assembly. Integration is the name of the game in the 2022 Spark series. The cables are also completely integrated into the tube allowing for less weight and a more structurally sound frame. The front shock boasts 130mm travel making a dominating force on the downhill sections. It also climbs like a mountain goat. This bike is a real speed demon like the rest of the 2022 Scott Spark range. It further features a FOX Transfer Dropper Post.