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iPhone 13 Pro Max Silver

iPhone 13 Pro Max Silver

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Our Pro camera system gets its biggest upgrade ever. With next-level hardware that captures so much more detail. Superintelligent software for new photo and filmmaking techniques. And a mind-blowingly fast chip that makes it all possible. It’ll change the way you shoot.

Now iPhone can shoot with shallow depth of field and automatically add elegant focus transitions between subjects. Cinematic mode can also anticipate when a prominent new subject is about to enter the frame and bring them into focus when they do, for far more creative storytelling. You have the option to change focus or adjust the level of bokeh even after capture. We can’t wait to see what you do with it.

Let’s Pro.

A dramatically more powerful camera system.

 A display so responsive, every interaction feels new again.

 The world’s fastest smartphone chip.

 Exceptional durability.

 And a huge leap in battery life.

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